Saturday 25 June 2011

Stephen King reading challenge, update ....

... on 2nd January I decided to join in with the Stephen King Reading Challenge, and this is my post.  As you can see I've edited the post a couple of times, but I thought it was time to bring it completely up to date.  I was originally only going for six books, but it quickly became obvious to me that tweleve really wouldn't be a problem!!  In fact, I may well do rather more than that :)

I was directed to this challenge at Book Chick City by Becky at The Girlie Blogger - and I've been having lots of fun.  This is my list of twelve books; those finished and those not started yet.
  1. The Stand - finished 23 March 2011
  2. The Green Mile - finished 28 March 2011
  3. It - finished 29 April 2011
  4. Salem's Lot
  5. Misery
  6. On Writing (non-fiction) - finished 27 May 2011
  7. Cell - finished 19 May 2011
  8. Duma Key
  9. Carrie - finished 3 June 2011 
  10. Desparation - finished 8 May 2011
  11. Bag of Bones - finished 10 May 2011
  12. The Gunslinger 
I've done lots of reading, but I'm being really bad about getting up some reviews - bad me!!  Starting this week, I'll be posting one review a week until I'm up to date!!


Susan Hogan said...

Hi Deb, thanks for the comments. I saw your email come through but I had to get the washing out of the dryer and iron the bed line to make up the bed before 5.00 pm at least! It's ironed, on the bed and the second lot of washing is in the dryer to be finished off. It's too cold and damp here at the moment if there is no breeze or wind to get the washing totally dry so guess the dryer will get a work out for a few more months yet. I have been too busy lately to read - so unusual for me, as reading was my comfort blanket for so long, but guess I will get back to it when the mood takes. I have read a few SK's but find him too black for me. I really like historical romances I guess but I have had a ten year love affair with fantasy fiction - its beginning to ebb at the moment, too much the same/same. Anyway, better go and start dinner!

Vicky Hayes said...

Isn't The Stand the one where people are being wiped out by what starts as a common cold? I remember reading it in my 20s - just when I was getting the beginnings of a cold...!

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