Some of my favourite Blogs

include the following - but there are lots that aren't listed!!

Other Stuff
  • Pinterest - My boards - books, chemistry, diamonds, words - it's varied!!
  • Jonathan's Photos - on Flickr - there's a mixture of family, nature, glamour, bands
  • Jayesseff Photography - photos on Smugmug (some are not safe for young eyes)
  • Give Blood - about giving blood in Wales - but do it!!
  • BBC News - for up to the minute information
  • Molecule of the month - for any chemistry geeks (like me) - it's very funny!
  • Organ Donation - in Wales we have 'deemed consent' this means that if you haven't registered a decision, you will be considered to have no objection to donation. I am registered to donate anything and eveything - have this discussion - it's important.
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