Monday 5 September 2011

Oops!! ....

... this is just a quick post.  Some of you eagle eyed readers may have noticed that the insert for Kathryn's invitations that I showed in last night's post (which should have been this morning's post - darn Blogger!) wasn't quite right.  I managed to get the date wrong!!! Doh!  Fortunately, as the post went up earlier than scheduled, I was able to correct the inserts - so Kathryn has gone to school this morning with the invitations - all with the correct date for her party - Sunday 18th September.  So while I was cross with Blogger for publishing my post early - it was helpful as I saw my mistake.  That'll teach me to hurry!

Anyway, that's all for now - Kath's gone to school, Jonathan is working at his desk and I'm off to get my bag ready for craft class - see you later.  Have a good day!


Jenny said...

I hadn't noticed Deborah, so was okay by me :)
This new interface seems to have a few teething troubles!!
I've scheduled my latest post this morning but it has published, still not visible on readers dashboards though!! GRRRR seriously considering switching to Wordpress!
Jenny x

Pauline said...

Enjoy your craft class! I'm still trying to hunt down youngest's P.E. kit - neither he nor I have any idea where he put it at the end of term! Talk about last minute! I can see an emergency trip to the school uniform shop lol!

Stella said...

Nobody is perfect and you were just in time to change it. :)
Hope you had a great time at your craft class!

Paula (PEP) said...

I didn't spot that but glad you had time to change it.
Hope you had a brilliant day.
Paula (PEP)

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