Saturday 24 September 2011

Darn planes .....

... I've just been reading some of the comments on my LIM card - thank you all, I really do appreciate your comments and love reading them. 

And Paula said "Hope everything went well with collecting Jonathan".  Oh I wish!!!!  Jonathan's plane was due to land at Manchester just after 1.00pm and I checked online before leaving the house - nothing adverse to note.  Kathryn and I went to Chester for some retail therapy - well strictly for Kathryn to get the latest Build-a-Bear limited edition - an orange Hello Kitty for Halloween!!! Kathryn has called her cat - Star, and she's fab!

We got to the airport with 10 minutes to spare - only to find when checking the arrivals board, that Jonathan's plane was delayed until 3.00pm.  Okay, it's a pain, but there was a WHSmith nearby to buy a book to keep us occupied.  So we had a coffee, sandwich and each read our book, and checking the board again after an hour we found the plane was now due in at 4.00pm!!!  No point in getting annoyed about it - so another coffee and muffin later - we checked the board again - only this time it said 4.30pm!!! 

It's a good thing we're patient.  I'm almost finished another Stephen King novel!  We finally made it home just after 6.00pm!  What a way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Still, the key thing was that we were home in time to watch Dr Who!! 

That's all - I'm off to bed now.  See you tomorrow.


Tara Cardwell said...

You need the mobile arrivals ap for your phone Deborah....
Hope tomorrow is a more fruitful day.
Tara x

Deborah Frings said...

Tara - I don't have a mobile ;) Well I do, but I've lost the charger and just can't be bothered to get it sorted!!

Tomorrow will be fun - we're off to a Food Festival - it's sure to be fruitful :)

Paula (PEP) said...

Uh oh - little did I know. Sounds like you had rather an eventful day but I'm glad you're all home safely.
Hope you have a good Sunday together.
Paula (PEP)

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