Wednesday 19 October 2011

Harvest Festival and parcels .....

... it's been fun here today.  Not only have my decorators made huge progress on painting the house - only one room left to do tomorrow, but I had two special parcels delivered today.  The first was a large A4 envelope from Claire at Waltzingmouse - with all my lovely new stamps for the latest release - do check out her site - they are just super!  And the second was a large parcel from Vicky - with the goods I ordered from Stampin' Up!  I joined her Stampers 6 club - and I got the new "in-colours" which are just super, some stamps and Vicky put in a sweet little card and a lovely present of some butterscotch chocolate - which was delicious.  And as I hadn't had lunch before opening the parcel - was a much needed treat!  Thanks Vicky!

Before I opened my parcels I went to the local church for the School Harvest Festival.  Each year the school has a festival and the Year 5 students lead the service.  Kathryn is Year 5 this year, so it was our turn to attend the service. 

The children are all so calm and spoke so clearly.  We had two hymns, a play about the importance of water, some prayers and a collection for a water charity.  The children were brilliant - and I had my proud mum moment when Kathryn lead off the discussion about water :)  Here are a few photos from the service.

The start of the play about the importance of water.

Most of the class - singing for all they are worth!!

Kathryn - distributing bottles of water to the parents

The final part of the service was a little song and dance routine to "Singing in the Rain"
And you should have seen the rain we had today - I think they did a rain dance!!

There are only five boys in Kathryn's class - and this is by the food the children collected.

And here are the girls in the class!  I do feel a bit sorry for the boys!!
Tomorrow the children will distribute the food to some of the elderly people in the village.

That's all for now.  Jonathan and I have prepared the lounge to be painted, by that I mean we've removed all personal items such as pictures, books, bits and pieces, taken down the blind and curtains - generally it's ready to go.  And now I'm off down stairs to watch The Fades!  See you all tomorrow.


Tara Cardwell said...

Mmmm new stash :-) That's my kind of harvest ;-)

The harvest festival looks fun - I do pity those poor boys being so outnumbered though!

Tara x

Unknown said...

So sweet! What a great day...receiving happy mail. What a lovely idea for a service. For their diminished numbers, the boys don't seem too worse for wear. :)

Paula (PEP) said...

Looks like you had a brilliant time. Enjoy organizing the contents of your parcels.
Paula (PEP)

Jenny said...

Great pics and how lovely to recieve stash in the post...hoping my WMS stamps arrive today :)
Jenny x

McCrafty's Cards said...

How wonderful to see that some schools still hold a Harvest Festival, great pictures.
Kevin xx

Vicky Hayes said...

So pleased you enjoyed opening your parcels Deborah! The harvest festival looks lovely - and I'm sure you went to Mumland! What a lovely idea to make your card into a medieval princess hat - MUCH prettier than a witches hat!

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