Sunday 12 December 2010

It's a beautiful day ...

... it really is!!!  Blue skies, bright sunshine and warm (well relatively!) ;)))  Hello to everyone - have a fabulous day.

As you can tell - I'm in a super brilliant mood today - it's the sun and all the wonderful comments that I've been reading.  Thank you all so much - I really do appreciate you all taking the time to visit and leave comments.  I'd also like to welcome Berenice - HELLO - she's become a follower.  Thank you.

I've got lots to do today.  There's the usual housework stuff (have to keep the place looking reasonable), lots of cards to make - both Kathryn and I have to finish our Christmas cards, and I've got to start reading my Open University course book about planets!!!  Jonathan's off to a photo shoot today - so I'm looking forward to seeing his pictures this evening. 

And in the background to all this activity is the thought - who's going to be leaving Strictly tonight?   I'm totally addicted to this programme and have been since it first started.  I still remember Natasha Kaplinsky winning the first series.  My two favourite winners up to now have been Jill Halfpenny (pint size rocket) and Alisha Dixon (just fab!). 

But this year it's so tough - I think Pamela (hope I look like her when I'm 61 - but to be fair, I'd be pleased to be like that now!!!) is just amazing - she looks great, moves brilliantly and is so elegant.  I love Scott!!!  That's suffiicent explanation :)   Kara is stunningly beautiful and moves like a professional dancer - the chemistry she and Artem share is obvious.  Matt has been consisently good - and I think was a surprise to everyone, but I always enjoy their routines.  Kathryn has decided that when she grows up she's going to have red hair - just like Aliona.  And Gavin - well the boy's done good.  He's improved so much - but for me he's not a dancer.  I don't feel he's ever let himself go.  It's going to be a tough evening!!!

Bye for now. 


Paula (PEP) said...

It's brilliant sunshine here too - we haven't a TV but I have 2 crafting friends passionate about Strictly! Now 3 with you. So I await the outcome....... Enjoy your day - thought of you whilst I was dusting & vacuuming.
Paula (PEP)

Jackie said...

it's been fairly dull here but I went out this afternoon without the winter coat, just a thick cardigan, and it was quite mild!
I don't watch those programmes so I am not bothered who goes and who stays :o)
Jackie xx

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