Friday 17 December 2010

Comment - thanks ...

... I'll admit it - I'm rubbish!!!  I can't remember who I've replied to on my comment list - brain otherwise occupied.  I normally make a note of the last one I reply to - but I forgot.  So I'd like to thank you all for the lovely comments on my cards.  The bauble series got a lovely set of comments - I enjoyed making them - they're so easy.  I'll do better - honest! :)

And the snow has arrived in North Wales - the weather is on our side of the country this time.  We've not got it too bad in the village, but it's the first time for ages that we have snow on the main road!  Hopefully they'll be sending the gritters out soon.  And it's the last day of school - Kathryn is so excited - she's going to school in casual dress today (special treat).  And then it's the holidays - present wrapping, getting ready to visit Grandparents - it's so exciting.  I love Christmas.

Do come by later - I hope to have a few cards to show you.

1 comment:

Paula (PEP) said...

Plenty of icing around here too - with brilliant sunshine. Have a productive day.
Paula (PEP)

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