Wednesday 29 December 2010

Getting ready ...

... for the New Year.  At this time of year I tend to clean and tidy the house in preparation for our New Year celebrations.  We started a new tradition when we moved here, to have an "Open House" party on 1st January.  We don't do much on New Year's eve - we like to stay home and be together, so we party on the day.  It's totally informal and fun.  But the run up is a bit busy!!  I have to clean and tidy and organise food and drink.

I've made a note of some of the upcoming challenges, but I don't think I'm going to get to them today.  But I do want to get into my craft room - I had a fabulous Christmas present from my husband - a new lamp - a proper daylight bulb.  It'll be brilliant to see my desk and colours so clearly!  And yes, the pun was entirely intended!!!

Now, I'm off to get the family up and have breakfast.  Hopefully, I'll be back later today with some cards - January is a busy month for birthdays in our family!! 

Oh yes, I know it's not good to gloat - but England has retained the Ashes - yippee!!!!  My husband is so happy!!   See you later.


Donna Mosley said...

Hi Deborah, sounds like you're going to be busy. Totally agree about the daylight lamps, they are amazing, I also use mine to light my cards to take photos of them.

Donna x

Paula (PEP) said...

I too photograph under my daylight lamp. It is as you say quite BRILLIANT & removes the yellowish haze from things. Mine was also my husband's idea - he saw it in one of my early crafting magazines (which he flicks through when he's doing his keep fit exercises!! - so sometimes I find pages with POST-IT notes, he seems to favour The Craft Stamper). When my light came he was so impressed he got himself one too! Have fun!
Paula (PEP)

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