Wednesday 22 December 2010

Snow and sunshine ...

... that's what we've got in our village today.  Last night, while I sat wrapping presents, it started to snow and when I woke this morning the whole place looked magical.  It was quiet and beautiful - so I grabbed the camera and took a few photos.  Now my photos aren't great, but they do show a pretty garden.

The view from my bedroom window - so pretty!

Poor plant!!

I've got two special cards to make today - one for our daughter, Kathryn, and one for my husband, Jonathan.  So I'm off to my craft room now - these won't be posted until after Christmas though! 

Bird sheltering in our tree

Sun and blue skies - just lovely!

Hope to see you later.


A Consuming Passion said...

Looks lovely Deb but I'm quite glad I'm over here!!!!
Thanks for the lovely Award I will get it sorted soon!
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Highland Monkey's said...

Snow always looks pretty.....when on the inside looking out!! Nice photos

Sue Lelli said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of snow! It was 81 and sunny in Houston, TX yesterday and certainly didn't put me in the mood for Christmas! Your pics did!!

Julia Aston said...

Isn't a LITTLE snow fall wonderful! we had the same thing on Monday night - we got about 4" and then it melted off the streets but stayed on the lawns - just enough for the Christmas Spirit! light snow flakes just started falling again today - and we may get a few more inches over the next day or so! Your pics are lovely Deborah - wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas!

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Deborah love your fab snowy pics, we haven't had as much this time around. Keep safe and warm and hope you all have a wonderful xmas & new year.

Donna x

Paula (PEP) said...

Similar conditions over here - & icilces continue to grow from the guttering.
Sparrowhawk (I think) hunting in our garden as well as the Buzzard - the balckbirds & long-tailed tits keeping their heads.
Keep warm
Paula (PEP)

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