Monday 27 December 2010

Home sweet home ...

... I do so love to spend Christmas with the family, but it's always nice to be home again.  We've had a wonderful time with everyone - catching up on news, sharing stories and gifts, playing games and being together - just brilliant.  It has felt even more Christmassy than usual because of all the snow and the cold.  Very, very cold!!  My mother-in-law has a bird table in front of her kitchen window and I've been able to watch the birds feeding over the last few days.  The birds are a lot less scared of people at the moment, indeed my father-in-law was almost mobbed by some of the birds when he put out the food the other day.

Thanks also to my Blogland friends for leaving such lovely comments on my holiday posts - I'll try to get back to you all individually, but it may take a while as I've got to catch up a bit with some housework and bits.

Hope to see you all again soon.


Norma said...

Hi Deborah, I agree with you it's nice to spend time with family but always nice to come home to your sweet own bed LOL!! Cheers to a wonderful Happy New Year and a New Crafty Year!!!

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Deborah, sounds like you've had a wonderful family christmas. I love returning home after a holiday, the house always looks bigger and tidier, not for long though lol. I've been enjoying your schelduled posts, very clever, would'nt know where to start with that.

Donna x

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