Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Easter ....

... this is going to be very brief as we're up early (it's 6.30am Mumbai time) getting ready to go out with the Mumbai Camera group.  A group of Indians who are as obsessed, sorry, that should be keen, as Jonathan to take photos!!

We've had a fantastic couple of days and I've got lots of photos and stories to share with you, but not enough time to get it up now.  So I'll do a post later today.  In the meantime two photos to show a bit of what we did yesterday.

In the morning we went to Chor Bazzar - which used to be known as the Thieves' Market.  It's in an area that has a large Muslim community, so I had to be careful about photos as most of the women and some of the men really don't like us taking photos of them.  It's now a huge food market for the local people - it was full of noise, excitement, people, colour and the most amazing array of fruit, vegetables and spices!!  Wonderful place.

In the evening (somewhat cooler than the morning) we went to what's known at the Hanging Gardens - a place where there's lots of greenery.  It was fabulous.  It also seems to be the place that locals go with their families, as there were loads of people about taking photos of the sights!  Which happened to include us!!!!  Everyone was so friendly.

And shortly we're off to Sasson Docks in Colaba (it's supposed to be the tourist part of Mumbai).  Apparently there's another lovely garden down there.  And hopefully we'll get some super photos to share with you.  And we'll be back in time for breakfast at the hotel - which finishes at 10.45am.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!  Don't forget - we have a new CR84FN challenge starting today!!  Have fun and catch up with you all later.


Paula (PEP) said...

Goodness you're packing an awful lot in - thoroughly fascinating & your blog diary will be a lovely keepsake/record. Happy Easter to all of you too.
Paula (PEP)

Pauline said...

Very pretty card Deborah, that image is very striking! How lovely that you're able to keep a visual diary here on your blog, enjoy the rest of you hols and happy Easter xx

G Peplow said...

Hello there Deborah, well you're really packing in the trips, I'm impressed by how much you're doing. Fabulous memories to bring back:0) Thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter to you:0) xxx

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