Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding .....

...  I have to come clean and say that I haven't made anything special for the Royal Wedding.  Bad me :)  Truthfully, I ran out of time before we came away on holiday.  But I though I ought to just post a quick congratulations note - after all we don't get too many royal weddings - although I think there's going to be another one later this year!

Even here in Mumbai there's some interest in the wedding.  Certainly, the young ladies on reception are all very keen to watch the wedding.  And I suppose Kathryn and I will watch a bit too.

Anyway, I'd like to be part of the huge number of people to wish William and Catherine the very happiest of days and for a happy, healthy life together.


  1. Hope you are feeling better Deborah! Sounds like you are on a very interesting vacation! Here in the US there is more talk about the Royal wedding than anything (accept maybe the Stanley cup playoffs - hockey!) I'm sure we'll see it all on tv over the next few weeks - I certainly do wish them the very best! - I don't know who would want to be in such a public life!!

  2. The atmosphere of support for the wedding is lovely to see - we went for a walk in the sunshine yesterday & it was super to see Union Jack bunting displayed along a row of houses. There's something quite unique about the Monarchy & such a traditional solemnization of marriage. I too wish them well.
    Hope you are much improved.
    Paula (PEP)


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