Saturday 14 July 2012

Art Fair ....

.... it's been a super morning - we headed out early to get breakfast in our favourite place - The Cozy Cafe in Plymouth - it was delicious.  Then we spent the morning walking around the town where they are hosting the Art in the Park Festival - for the 33rd year!!  There are over 400 exhibitors with items ranging from painting, silk scarves, jewellery (all sorts), ceramics, pottery, sculpture and food stuff!!

In Kellogg Park I came across a group of children - 5 Kids 4 A Cure - who are on a mission to stop cancer - all cancers.  They have a brilliant idea of a dress which is decorated with the cancer ribbons - in all colours.  You simply donate $2 and pick a ribbon.  Once the dress is full of ribbons they plan to auction it off.  Enterprising, caring and fun - it's a super idea!  They still have a way to go - but they're getting there.  Here they are:

So it being a Arts and Crafts fair, we came home with food product - some sauces, mustard and jams - all just lovely.  I did get myself a lovely new pen made by Evergreen Mountain Pens - the stall looked so beautiful.  My pen has a silver finish and the resin is shades of green, purple and blue - perfect.  Writes beautifully too!  I did get s super photo of Kathryn cooling her feet in the fountain in Kellogg Park - it was very hot out!

And this afternoon we're off out to see the new Spiderman movie.  You would have thought that it would be just the sort of film that Ben would like - but NO!!  He's being a teenage boy and being totally anti-social and has decided not to join us.  Hey ho!!  That's kids for you.

Sorry not to have a card at the moment, but I do have one for you tomorrow and I've got an idea or two to share with you next week.  Have a super weekend.


Vicky Hayes said...

You sound as if you're having a lovely time in the sun Deborah - you certainly picked a good time to take a break from the UK weather! What a great idea the 5kids 4 a cure is - I wish them all the best with their project. Vicky x

Tara Cardwell said...

how enterprising are those 5 kids - hope they get loads in the auction.

looks like a fun morning - we're off to the Doncaster Racecourse Craft Fair tomorrow but I think I'll get wet without the dip in the fountain!

Stella said...

There is nothing better than mustard and jams from a fair:) And a new pen; it's always lovely to get something handwritten these days. And if they are displayed in a wonderful way than you have to buy it:)
Sounds you had fun!

Ardyth said...

Looks like a fun day! Ben will regret his decision - it's a fab movie (my 13 year old son agrees!)

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