Sunday 9 December 2012

Christmas tree ....

.... Just a quick post - no card, but we have got our tree up!  We couldn't put up the big 9 foot tree - it was too wide for where we wanted to put it.  So we've used out 6½ foot tree instead - it's very pretty - decorated with lots of lights, tinsel and baubles.  Some of the baubles are shop bought, some are ones I've made and some were made by the children.  So pleased to have it up.  Here are a few photos:

I made this decoration last year - it survived the trip over!!

Decorated by Jonathan and Kathryn - lots of lovely sparkle!!

A couple of close ups showing decorations made by me and the children!

That's all for now.  See you tomorrow!


Stamps and Paper said...

Hi Deborah...lovely to see pictures of your tree and lovely handmade ornaments....we also,put our tree up today but still can't get into Christmas mode ..hopefully will next weekend when all the grandkids come to stay and we go off to the pantomime .....oh yes we


Buffy said...

Gorgeous decorations Debs. So glad your ornaments survived the trip.
Hugs Buf x

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