Friday 26 November 2010

It's snowing ...

.... really, it's snowing!!  Not very heavy, or very big flakes, but lots of pretty little flakes.  However, the net result is the ground has gone a lovely white colour.  This is not right - I don't like it snowing - but I'm sounding all happy about it!!  I'm nuts!!  Seriously, it looks very pretty, but I don't like it once it turns to slush - and that won't be long as the snow's not heavy enough to settle (yet).

I'd like to say Hi to Becky - a new follower - I only just realised that the number had gone up.  So glad you joined me.

The school fair yesterday evening was very busy - and I sold ALL the cakes!!  But not so many cards.  I think I'm going to have to diversify and do some more smaller gifts - would love to know what works for everyone else!

And here are a couple more of the cards I made yesterday - again I'm only posting the briefest of descriptions about supplies (sorry!).

Card 3" x 3" - Image from Microsoft, Greeting Stampin' Up

Card - A6, Image - Pink Petticoat, Stamp - Waltzingmouse

Stamps - swirls (Elusive Images), can't remember where I got the greeting

Both image and greeting are from sheets that I bought - but I can't remember which company.

That's all for now - the snow has stopped!!  Told you it wouldn't last long.  I'm now off to start the Christmas shopping with Jonathan.  Back later.

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Paula (PEP) said...

Think the Best Wishes sentiment might be this one Well done with the cakes. Joe Public is very strange with cards - I have no idea as yet. WE have snow forecast for this afternoon & it's crisp this morning.
Paula (PEP)

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