Tuesday 3 May 2011

It's today ....

... just a very brief post as today we fly home.  We had a fantastic last evening.  Jonathan, Kathryn and I went to our favourite local restaurant with some of Jonathan's colleagues.  And we had a really tasty dinner - Indian meals were always one of my favourite in the UK, but I'm really going to find it difficult when I get home.  UK Indian meals are so, so different from the meals we've had here in Mumbai.  Still good, but lots different :)

Along with the colourful clothes, the beeping horns, the various smells - one of my other enduring images of Mumbai are the plants - they're everywhere.  They are grown in whatever type of pot that people can get their hands on - empty milk containers, tins, old buckets - anything.  And along side the roads are all types of flowering trees - some just pretty, and some fragrant.  The white blossom in the photo below is fragrant - it is simply gorgeous.

And I finally got onto the Roof Garden Terrace at the hotel.  It took a while, but was so worth it.  I got some photos that are really super.  I'm particularly pleased with the one below.  Old and new Mumbai side by side - the mill chimney from an old cotton factory, and the domed seating area on the garden.  It's a really lovely place.

And now we're off to breakfast.  We're all packed and, in truth, Kathryn is more than ready to be home.  Her comment to her Daddy this morning was "I'm happy and sad; happy to be going home and sad to be leaving you.  But happier to be going home!!"  Don't you love kids?

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  Will be back soon.


Pauline said...

Safe journey Deborah xx

Paula (PEP) said...

Hope you have a safe uneventful trip home.
Paula (PEP)

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