Monday 23 May 2011

We're home ...

... and we've had a fantastic weekend.  The music festival was such fun.  We met up with friends, listened to some brilliant music, had our faces painted, enjoyed the sunshine, managed to cope with the strong winds and escaped from the rain showers.  All in all - WONDERFUL!!  And Jonathan took some superb photos which will be appearing on his Flickr account in due course.

Jonathan is off to India tomorrow, so we've made the most of our day together.  We've had a lovely lunch, spent time together, caught up on some TV series that Jonathan's missed and tonight we're out with friends. 

While Jonathan was packing, I've been able to catch up with some of the new challenges that have been posted - so I'm going to be busy in my craft room playing!!  But I thought I'd share a few of my photos from this weekend.

We had the most amazing mixture of weather over the weekend.  We had spells of beautiful sunshine - which was actually quite hot.  But there were times when the sky got so dark and the rain really threatened, but fortunately it was mostly dry!  I took this photo of the tepee against the dark sky - so dramatic!! 

Kathryn and I had our faces painted each morning - so relaxing and really puts you in the music festival mood!  Kathryn took the picture below was on Saturday, she concentrated on getting the flowers in the picture!! 

Cree and Liz (two of the face painters) also did a major body painting project on Cerys - she looked absolutely amazing!  She was painted to be the "Spirit of the Festival" and it took the girls all day to paint Cerys.  They all then went on a walkabout - very brave of Cerys as it wasn't too warm by then!  She got so much positive feedback and so many people asked to take her photo.

And the photo below is my little girl - looking rather too grown up.  This was on Sunday afternoon - you would never know that it had been pouring with rain about an hour before this photo was taken.  It warmed up a lot!!  I'm really pleased how well this photo turned out.  Kathryn wasn't in the mood for me to take many photos - which is a bit of a change.  But I had to have a picture of her taken each day - so that we could see the different face painting!!  Actually, it's just that I want to have lots of pictures of her.  You can never have too many pictures of your children.

That's all for today.  But I'll be back tomorrow - probably not until later in the day - and hopefully, I'll have a few cards to share with you then. 


Jenny said...

Looks like fun and the weather was good :)
jenny x

Paula (PEP) said...

Looks like you had an amazing time & the face/body painting is intriguing. Love the flowers you "wore" too. Glad to hear you're home safely too. The winds have been pretty powerful in our area.
Paula (PEP)

A Consuming Passion said...

What a fabulous time you look to have had! Good to see the English weather hasn't changed and you get a bit of everything!!! Love the face painting!! My Mum was telling me how windy it's been over there and you know what... we've had the same and it's cool!!!! Hope your DH has a safe trip!

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