Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Not so wonderful now ....

... it has been pouring with rain.   But that didn't stop us.  Kathryn and I went shopping for some ballet and tap shoes - and amazingly we managed to get both in about 10 minutes flat!!  This sort of thing never happens to me.  Normally it takes ages to get things, but today it was easy.  On the drive home - it started to pour and the wind was awful.  Truly I think autumn has arrived. 

It's Kathryn's 9th birthday on Friday and today I've been busy with party preparations. 

Kathryn has decided that the theme is Build-a-Bear/ Dr Who, so I've got plates, mugs, banners, and sundry other items to match the Dr Who bit.  The Build-a-Bear bit involves Jonathan taking Kathryn and five of her friends to the shop on Saturday so they can all make some more bears!! 

Kathryn had a great time designing her own invitations.  Each card was hand drawn and coloured, with a bear and some Dr Who logos included.  Kathryn chose different colours for each of her friends and also rearranged the way the Dr Who logos were displayed on each card. 

I think I can safely say that Kathryn is into making cards too; in fact she has her own supply of crafty bits in a box in her bedroom.  Kathryn also likes to write books and magazines based on the TV series, as well as stories about princesses, etc. 

This evening I've been busy designing Kathryn's birthday card.  Of course, I can't put any details on here until after she's seen it!!  To do otherwise would be cruel ;-) 

Oh yes, I've now got two followers.  Thank you ladies - it's really nice to know that people are reading my blog.  My son loves to check out the stats to see how things are changing and this evening I noted that I've had a reader from Germany too. 

I do hope you enjoy my blog.  I'm really enjoying writing it.  Anyway, that's all for tonight.  I'll be back again tomorrow.

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