Thursday, 30 September 2010

My craft room ...

 ... is small and cosy, and it's all mine!!  I love having this space.  It's a place where I go, close the door and immerse myself in crafting.  I don't worry about the housework, getting the dinner or doing OU assignments.  It's a haven. 

But it's absolutely stuffed and I think I need a bigger room!  I think the saying is that you expand to fill the room you have - it's certainly true in my case. 

The plastic boxes with blue handles (see right) are made by a company called Really Useful Boxes - and they are exactly that.  I keep my wooden and clear unmounted stamps in them.  These are the 4 litre size and each will take two layers of wooden stamps, but loads more clear stamps.  I am up to Box 25!!  You do the maths :)))

I had the shelf unit (left) built about two years ago.  It's brilliant I have places for punches, a wide shelf for lots of card blanks - all sizes and underneath the unit is a space for boxes of card as well as my travelling craft bag.  Oh yes, my sewing machine (not used for a while) is also hidden under there.  I'll have to get it out shortly to make a skirt for Kathryn.

The plastic boxes in this unit are also by Really Useful, but this time they are the 7 litre size, which is perfect for holding 12" x 12" scrapbook papers.  In fact, I think I need to get another one of those shortly as the ones I have are just about full.
This is my desk - a small area, but it's actually quite easy to work there as all my equipment is so easy to reach.

And this is what was on my desk today: the card I made for the One Stop Craft Challenge - along with the paints I used.  There are a couple of completed St Nick figures from the Nutcracker Sweet set and a snowflake medallion that I will be colouring soon.
And that's all for now.  I'm off to play on the Wii with Kathryn and then do another challenge which I hope to post tomorrow.  See you soon.


Glenda Waterworth said...

Lovely blog Deborah and looks like a well organised craft room. They're always too small you know, doesn't matter how big your room is!


Francesca said...

What a wonderful card, Thanks for joining us at OSCC this week and good luck!

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