Friday, 10 September 2010

Going shopping ....

... well, I will be on Sunday.  That's the day that Claire Brennan, of Waltzing Mouse Stamps launches her new clear stamps.  The link should take you direct to her blog where she's showing some of her "sneak peaks".  I love the Nutcracker image - so festive and so many possiblities.  And the cute little guys are just great. 

Jonathan has just gone to collect our darling girl from school - then we're off to buy her birthday present.  Kathryn will be 9 next week.

This is Kathryn at her 4th birthday - she's wearing my tiara - well actually it's become her play crown!!  And tine goes by so quickly.  I find it hard to believe that she's quite the young lady now.  When we go to music festivals she's a real hippy chick!  This was taken in May - she 8½ here - but so cute.

And I've made cards for most of her birthdays.  Unfortunately, I didn't start taking photos of my early attempts - actually that may be a good thing.  I think one of my first serious attempts at cardmaking was for Kathryn's 5th birthday - and it was appropriately girly!  She loved it - but then she's biased.

Anyway, we're off soon, so I'll be back later.

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