Tuesday 8 February 2011

Tagged ...

... by my friend Paula of PEP Exploring Paper - she has very kindly sent me this award.
Now, as you would expect, there are certain conditions on accepting this award - and I do - and they are:

Now that you've been Tagged, and want to participate you need to:

  1. Create a post - and put in the Love Blog image - done!
  2. Contact the person who tagged you - and inform them that you accept the award - done!
  3. Choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs - put the links in your post, and then each person can notify you that they have been tagged!
The object of this award is to being to light new and unknown blogs - not those that have thousands of followers.  So I now have to decide on my selection - always hard!!  I've gone for some really new blogs - so please pop over and say Hi!
  1. Buffy - Buffy's Place
  2. Chrysalis - Teddy Wares and Flutterbies
  3. Bridgette Grey
I was going to play in my craft room this evening, but we've had a family karaoke session instead - it was great fun!  We've been singing (sort of) along to songs by Queen, Abba, David Bowie - and some stuff that's new and I don't know them!!  Kathryn loved it - she reckons that she's the best singer in this family - and I'm not about to argue with her :)

That's all for this evening - do come by and see me tomorrow - I'll have some more cards to show you then.


Buffy said...

Glad you had fun with the karaoke, you're braver than I.
Buffy x

Paula (PEP) said...

Sounds like you had a lovely evening.
Paula (PEP)

Loli said...

Hello Deborah, thank you for visiting my blog and post a comment, this make me happy.Congratulations for your award, i think your a charming person.
Ahug from Palma de Mallorca Spain.
Sorry for my english a learn alone and don't is easy.

Chrysalis said...

Hi Deborah - thank you SO MUCH for my first award ever! I've a dreadful confession to make - I've been admiring your work forever but just realised I wasn't an official follower - now put that right!! Thanks again xx

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