Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We're going to the zoo, the zoo ....

... tomorrow - well today actually!!  The weather was reasonably good today - so I took Kathryn and her friend Charlie to Chester Zoo this morning.  We had a ball. 

When we arrived, we immediately headed for the elephant enclosure as there is a reasonably new baby elephant there - about six months old.  The crowd was huge, but we did manage to see the baby - but only just.  She was surrounded by other elephants and kept disappearing between their legs!! 

We spent ages walking around the zoo.  We saw the Orangutans playing, went to see the Dinosaurs, penguins, bats, butterflies - it was just great.  We saw lots, but there is still so much more to see - perhaps another day!   Here are some of the pictures from today!

You need to click on this picture to see it large - the expression on the baby's face is amazing! 

The last picture was taken in the Zoo Vet unit - explaining about vets and what they do.  The TV screen was linked to an infra-red camera and the girls stood in front of it - they were fascinated!

And our day was just as good at home - the girls got in and decided they'd like to make cakes - so Kathryn made a chocolate mixture and Charlie made the vanilla mixture and we had marble cakes - with chocolate buttons pushed in for extra goodness.  They were delicious - and all went very quickly.

I don't think the girls will be up early tomorrow - at least I hope not!  I want a lie in!  I'm absolutely shattered and am now off to bed with a nice cup of coffee!  And a good book.  See you all tomorrow.


Paula (PEP) said...

Sleep well - looks like you had an amazing day.
Paula (PEP)

Jenny said...

Fab pics Deborah, a great zoo by the looks of it too especially the dinosaurs :) Lol
The cakes were so good they went before you got a picture eh??
Jenny x

Donna Mosley said...

Oh wow! Deborah these are really fab pics, looks like you had a really great day.

Donna x

Tara Cardwell said...

Looks like you had a great day. We had an adopted red panda as a wedding gift and went to view it for our 1st anniversary (apparently a fur from one was a common wedding gift in china before they were protected). I loved the zoo on the whole but the elephant enclosure distressed me, I think its just too small for so many large elephants, and they seemed very stressed by the visitors :-(

Jackie said...

Beautiful photographs from a lovely day out. One day I will get to Chester Zoo :o)
Jackie xx

Cassandra said...

Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos of Chester Zoo. We were there when my daughter was 2 (now nearly 9) and in late November. We still had a wonderful time with family.

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