Saturday 23 July 2011

Up early ...

... this morning - woken by the alarm that I'd forgotten to turn off!!  Silly me.  However, the up side to that is that I've been really busy.  I've done a trip to Asda and back, we've had breakfast and I've checked in with LIM and WMSC - both look fabulous, but I won't get chance to play today.

Kathryn is in the matinee performance of Bugsy Malone this afternoon - and we're all going to see her.  Can't wait :)

And Ben is so much quieter in the morning!!  Still in bed - tough getting him up!  Bye for now.  Enjoy your day.  I'll check in later and see what delights have been made with the WMSC sketch and the recipe of button and/or ribbon from LIM.

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