Thursday 22 December 2016

A Few Changes .....

.... Good Morning! You've probably noticed that I've made a few changes on my blog! My lovely new header was created by Kylie Purtell and I think it's just fab! Not only has Kylie created the header, but she has made me some lovely new watermarks based on it too. Check it out on the photo below:

This is a photo of showing some of the lovely Christmas lights in our neighbourhood. So Pretty!

I decided to go for a nice clean, simple look, but I do like to have just a bit of colour too. So I picked my favourite shades of teal which work perfectly with my nice shiny new header.

Thank you so much Kylie - I love it! I do hope to get a card up later today too!

That's all for now! See you soon.



Kathyk said...

Looks splendid Deborah, and gr8 job Kylie

Seasons Greetings


Kylie said...

Everything has come together beautifully! I love your new photo. I can't belive all that snow - it looks so pretty! Merry Christmas, my friend xx

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