Wednesday 20 April 2016

Pool is open ....

... Hi! I don't have a card to share today. I've been busy learning about pool maintenance. At our new house we have a lovely pool in the back yard - irregular shape, with a diving board at the deep end and a hot spa as well. Today, the pool company came and took off the tarpaulin, cleaned out the debris and set it up.  Here are a few photos:

The pool guys came this morning at 8.00am and it took them several hours to remove the tarpaulin and clean up. They put a hose into the pool to add water and, as at 4.30pm, it's still filling. Almost there. At the moment the water temperature is 48°F, and once the water heater is turned on, it'll take a few days to warm up. Fortuantely, when it's sunny here, it's hot and that will help to warm the water.

Earlier this week, when we were in the garden we saw that some of the local frogs were using the water on the tarpaulin as their pond. Sadly, they had spawned. All the frogs left safely, but we didn't save any spawn.

As well as the pool, we have a wonderful magnolia tree. It's in full bloom at the moment and looks just gorgeous. The petals have already started to fall, so transient, but so, so pretty. There are lots more trees in the garden and they'll soon be in leaf and flower.

You can see the tarpaulin on the pool in the photo above!

That's all for now. I really must try to get into my craft room tomorrow and make some cards. Moving house and unpacking really does take much longer than you'd think! See you soon.


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Naki said...

It looks so nice! What a beautiful pool, I'm jealous! and can't wait for summer!

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