Friday 8 April 2016

New Craft Room ....

.... Hi! I've finished my craft room - at last! I went to Ikea yesterday to get another Kallax unit and a small table as I'd run out of shelf space. Jonathan and I put them together at lunch time and I spent the early part of the afternoon finishing putting things away. I then managed to make a card! Yea!

My room here at our new house is quite a bit smaller than my previous room. However, as it should be a bedroom, it does have the bonus of a nice deep closet which is the perfect place to put stuff. Here are a few photos of the room, still a bit messy, but at least I can work at my desk now.

Inside the closet - I was able to put my stamp storage boxes along one side. In the middle is the shelf unit - at the moment I've just put stuff on shelves, I will sort out their proper homes sometime next week.

The other side of the closet has this 4 hole Kallax unit - there's space on top for my 12" x 12" design paper storage boxes and some space at the side for various bits and pieces.

I've been able to put the tower unit in the corner of the room here which is the perfect place. And you can see a new box of goodies from Stampin' Up! that arrived yesterday - still some space in the unit to fill!

This is my work area.  I've got my desk in the corner with two small units behind me on which I store various bits - tapes, cards, washi, pens, etc.

Finally, the larger Kallax unit (which was originally for our bedroom) and it's full!

It's been fun going through all my stash. I've rediscovered stuff that I'd forgotten about and will be using in the coming weeks. At some point I'm going to put my artwork on the walls - but that's a job for the future. It's been a busy day, and I'd best come to a close and get dinner for us all.

Do stop by tomorrow - I actually have a card to share with you.  See you soon.



Karin Menghini said...

Great to see your work area!!! Love it!

The Hardy Stamper said...

It's looking good. You have a lot more space than I do in my craft room - plus you can see the floor in yours! We both have the same IKEA blue trolleys too!

Ardyth said...

Looks fab! Glad you finally got the the 'most important' bit of the house! Can't wait to see what you create here!

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