Thursday 10 January 2013

Spring cleaning ....

.... Hi all - this post is very late in the day :)  I mentioned on Monday that I had quite a lot to catch up on - I've made progress.  I took down our Christmas tree, decorations and cards.  The trees and decs are in the basement ready for later this year.  However, the house does look a bit bare now!  I had a lovely time going through all the beautiful handmade Christmas cards I received.  I decided to take a photo to share with you all - you'll recognise some of them:

Kathryn made the big snowflake card in the middle.  They are all just lovely - thank you all.

I've even made a start on my spring cleaning - not the house, just my craft room!  I can see the carpet - first time for ages!!!  I've had a thorough sort through my stash - so much stuff - and the art teacher at Kathryn's school will be getting a donation of card, old stamps, and some other stash that I'm not going to use in the near future (or distant for that matter)!!   I took a few photos to show that my room can look tidy!!

I am so lucky to have such a large bright room for my craft room - but as we're renting this place I can't make any structural changes - you know like built in cabinets, etc!!!

I've had to adapt the books shelves that the landlords left and mix them with our furniture.  The did have this one little shelf on the wall - just right to store some of my Martha Stewart punches - so easy to reach!!

You know those plastic boxes that you get take-away Chinese or Indian meals in - well I've made good use of the ones that I collected.  After VERY careful washing - they're great for storing all types of embellishments.

I store all my stamps - both clear and wood mounted - in these Really Useful boxes - it's amazing just how many stamps can be stored in each box, particularly clear stamps!!!

Now, if I could only keep it looking like this!!  I always start out with good intentions, but I sometimes leave out stamps as I move onto a new project and then they move to the floor - you know!!

Anyway, that's all for now - see you tomorrow!


Stamps and Paper said...

Deborah I am so envious of your fabulous crafting space, lots of storage and space...I also should e spring cleaning maybe when I feel better


Tara Cardwell said...

At least you've tidied it Deborah - my lovely new storage unit is still sitting on the landing empty whilst the craftroom is a complete tip and I can't find anything!!! I've set myself a target of 31 Jan but I bet I miss it!

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