Monday 17 August 2015

Some new storage ....

... Morning!!  It's a beautiful morning here in Northville, the sun is shining, the skies are blue and it's really, really muggy!  I've a feeling there'll be storms before the end of the day. 

I don't have a card to share today, but I do want to share some photos of my work yesterday.  I recently (well in June) purchased a DVD tower storage unit for my Stampin' Up! and Uniko sets.  It was delivered just before our trip to Arizona, so we hadn't had chance to assemble it.  We finally got it done yesterday - it only took Jonathan and I about an hour and a half.  It is a bit bigger than I thought, but it's brilliant.

Storage 1 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

I managed to get all my SU sets in two sides of the unit - they previously filled (and were double stacked) a small bookcase.  I have them all in alphabetical order and it's right by my desk so I can easily reach whatever set I want.  My Uniko stamps are on the third side.  

Storage 2 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

I have so much space in the unit that I have been able to put in some wooden mount stamps, along with my collection of Kaisercraft 6½" × 6½" papers.  And there's still some space to fill :)

Since moving to the States in 2012, I've been getting more interested in mixed media and art journals.  I have built up a nice collection of paints, sprays, brushes, etc, but they were all in bags and it was difficult to get to them.  So last week I too my Mum with me and we went shopping to IKEA.  I'd seen some super videos on u-tube of the Raskog utility cart.  I bought two - one in cream and one in turquoise.

Storage 3 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Storage 4 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

The carts are really easy to assemble and it only took me about 30 minutes to put together each one.  I really like that they are on wheels, which means I can take them to my kitchen (easier to clean here) and spray or paint to my heart's delight! 

The small bookcase behind the cards is where my SU sets used to live.  Moving the stamps sets to the tower meant that I could bring my glitters and gilding leaves closer to my desk too. It's been a really fun weekend and I'm so pleased with my reorganised craft room.

Before I go, I've one more thing to share with you.  Last week I went to my hair dresser to have my highlights done.  While I was there I had a bit of a brainstorm and did something that I've been wanting to do for ages:

Hair Aug 2015 - Deborah's Gems

One of my Pinterest boards has lots of pictures of wild hair colours - and I finally did it.  I have rainbow hair to match my opal and top.  I love, love it!  It might not last for long, but it's fun!  Have a great day.



Ardyth said...

Love the peek into your craft room - those stamps look great in the shelf! And your hair! I think it looks super fun - I bet you win the 'coolest mom' award from Kathryn, too!

Melissa said...

Oh, how I love seeing how others organize their craft rooms!!! :) I love your new stamp storage unit! Looks like it holds lots of stamp sets! I'm in the process of trying to organize my new craft room. Seems like it's always a struggle to find something that actually works! LOL! This looks fantastic!!! :)

I Card Everyone said...

Thanks for sharing, Deborah! That tower is terrific! As is your colorful hair - you are a brave, and very fun girl!
=] Michele

TangledBlueRose said...

So wonderful, the cd tower is a clever storage unit! Thanks for sharing a peek inside your crafty space! And I adore your hair!

Sunshine said...

Woohoo! I love your new hair colours! You look fabulous! Good on you for daring to be a bit different! Love your new storage arrangement too!
Thanks for sharing!
Sunshine, New Zealand.

Jen W. said...

Love seeing other people's craft rooms! That DVD stand is brilliant - can't believe how much it holds - and those carts are so fun. But best of all? I'm loving your hair, Deborah! It's so much fun!! :D

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