Friday 10 August 2018

Dylusions - black and white ....

.... Hi! I hope everyone is enjoying summer - here and in the UK!! When I went back to the UK in June I took a small Dylusions crafting kit with me to keep me entertained in my room in the evenings. This included several Dyalog insert booklets along with Dylusions ink brushes, canvas cards, paint pens, quotes, stickers, dycuts and washi tape. I thought I'd share the pages I created in my black Dyalog book:

This is the first page. I kept it really simple with lots of doodled borders. The image is one of Dyan's stamps and I used the white paint pen for all the doodling. I added a touch of colour to the iris.

The first spread in the book. Before I travelled to the UK, I used several of Dyan's stencils and a white gel pen to create some shapes in which I could later doodle. As you can see I used the hearts on this spread. Despite leaving the book open for a good 20 minutes after drawing the hearts, the white gel was still slightly damp and left a ghost print on the opposite page. I actually like it, as it adds another layer!! The image was cut from one of Dyan's colouring pages and adhered directly to the book. I then added the border and the words. Once again, I added a touch of colour to her eyes. It was so relaxing to doodle the hearts and border.

This page came about as I had lots of little eye images that I'd made for some ATCs and also this wonderful image (from the colouring sheets). I found the quote on the Internet and created the page.

This is the centre of the booklet. I used the large flower stencil to make the background and then spent a fun evening filling in the flowers. I actually went to Dyan's Dyalog Facebook group to see her examples and found that she had the flowers too, so I simply copied her doodling!! I added the image and words to make it more my page! This time I added a touch of red as well as the green!

This is the next spread in the book, but one of the last spreads I did while on holiday. I used a Posca fine white pen to draw the rectangles and add the doodles. I finished the spread by adhering the image and adding the border. More green on this one!

This page was prepared before I flew home - I used the arrow stencil on this one. I stamped this image before I left and added the flower sticker for her hair. You can't see it in the picture above, but the flower has lots of sparkles as I used a Nuvo sparkle brush to colour the white petals.

One afternoon was spent in the company of my UK crafting buddies - Kath and Dorothy - we had such fun. I found a gorgeous flower stencil in her stash (don't know the company) and used it to draw the flowers. I then spent that evening in the hotel doodling the inside of the flowers. The next evening I created the catgirl using bits from the little stash I had with me. I added sparkle to her wings and you can see it in the photo above!

This is the most recent spread completed in the book and I did this after our art journal meeting last month. I borrowed this stencil (Stencil Girl) from one of our new members, drew in the crosses and then spent some time adding doodles. The image is another of the colouring sheets, which I cut out and attached to the page. I finished by adding a border and words.

This is the last page of the black booklet. I kept it really simple. The image was one that I got at my very first Dylusions class with Dyan. I simply attached it to the page, added a touch of colour, the border and words.

I still have lots of blank pages in the Dyalog. I'll prep a few more pages and take the kit home with me when I visit at Christmas. So happy to have a travelling Dylusions journal! Thanks, Dyan!

I'm going to submit the last spread to Love to Craft Challenge Blog - LTCCB#25 where their challenge is Anything Goes. Thanks so much for stopping by - see you again soon. I should get back to my normal routine once Kat gets back to school!!



Mary C. Nasser said...

Such wonderful contrast and intricacy!
Especially love your incorporation of Michelle Ward's stencil!
And your sense of humor is great, too!

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

WOW! Deborah, I love what you have done, such wonderful images, shapes and quotes.

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