Monday 22 September 2014

Fun weekend ....

...  Hi!  I hope you all had a super weekend.  Mine was lots of fun.  Jonathan was away in Chicago on business - we missed him, but he did get to go to a baseball game at Wrigley Field!!  Kathryn had her birthday party - she invited a couple of friends over for gossip, pizza and movies and a sleepover.  I've no idea why it's called a sleepover, I know that the girls were still chatting when I went to bed at midnight!!!

So I had a lot of free time on Saturday - I did think about cards, but I decided to catch up with my other hobby.  I go to photo shoots with Jonathan and Kathryn, but I'm really bad at editing.  At the start of the weekend I had over 30 different sets to edit.  By last night I'd got that down to 23 sets.    I worked on some shoots with models as well as some of the sets taken on our summer road trip.  Here are a few of the photos edited.

Abby - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

One from a series, taken in February, that features the beautiful Abby.  I have all the edits of the natural light photos on my Flickr account - you can check it out here.  At the same shoot we also did studio lights - two quite different sets, and they are here and here.

Rachel - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

This is Rachel - she's a really fun model, as well as being very beautiful.  Here she is being "Christina" from Phantom of the Opera, it was a Broadway themed shoot.  She also did Fantine from Les Mis and finally she did a blue cat from Cats - you can check out more here.

Amber - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Would you believe that this one of Amber is taken in Downtown Pontiac?   There's a small garden between a couple of buildings - perfect for taking photos!  There's the rest of the natural light outside photos, a few more inside with natural light and then the last set uses studio lights.

St Louis 1 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Jonathan and Kathryn at the foot of the St Louis Gateway Arch.  St Louis is 250 years old this year and to celebrate they have put birthday cakes all over the city!  Sadly, I didn't get to photograph as many as I would have liked, but this one was in just the right place!!!

St Louis 2 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Most of the time we were in St Louis it was really dull and grey, but the sun did come out occasionally and I managed to get this one looking up at the Gateway Arch through some pretty flowers!

 St Louis 3 - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Finally, this is a view of the Old Courthouse in St Louis, looking down from the top of the Gateway Arch.  We took a ride to the top - the lift is tiny and rather claustrophobic, but it was worth it.  The views are amazing. Click on the links for more photos of St Louis from our first day and second day.  I still have the last morning to edit - they will follow soon.

On Sunday I took the girls to the cinema to see Maze Runner - it was really good - highly recommended if you have teens to amuse!

Before I go, I must tell you that I've been nominated for the Rick St Dennis Pick of the Week - second week in a row.  This time they picked Kathryn's birthday card - which features Rick's Sugar Skulls.  Go check out the rest of the nominees and I'd love it, if you vote for me!!! 

Kathryn's birthday card - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

That's all for now!  Thanks for stopping by.


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A Consuming Passion said...

Beautiful photos Deborah, love your card too! Off to vote :)

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