Tuesday 5 August 2014

What an experience ....

.... Hi!  I don't have a card to share with you today, but I am busy working on several cards for my design teams - you'll have to check in to see them. The rest is not craft related at all!

So what's the experience?  Well, last weekend we went to Michigan Stadium, aka The Big House - and it really is!  They were hosting a football match (soccer) between Manchester United and Real Madrid.  Man United is our local(ish) football team from the UK - our house is only about 50 minutes from their stadium.  But getting a ticket to see them play in the UK is like getting to see the Queen.  We were really pleased to get tickets to see the match and get to visit The Big House.

Man U v Real Madrid - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

The match was great and I'm pleased to say that Man U beat Real Madrid 3 - 1.  The game drew the biggest football crowd in US history - 109,318 in attendance.  I have to say that I'm glad I visited The Big House,  but I'm not sure I'll go again.  We were packed in like sardines and Kathryn didn't enjoy it at all!  It was a brilliant experience.  We worked out why they can get so many people in the stadium - there's no room left anywhere :)  Edited: I should mention that football matches in the UK are now all seater events - you each get your own seat.  I think the reason the crowd is so huge at The Big House is that the seats are benches!!!  And your "seat" area is about 10"-12" wide - not a lot of space!!

Record attendance - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

Man United played Liverpool yesterday in the final, and I'm pleased to say they won that one too - the score was exactly the same - 3 - 1!!!

It's full - photo by Deborah Frings - Deborah's Gems

I had fun taking lots of photos at the game - some of which you've seen above, but if you want to see the rest - click on the link here.  That's all for now - I'm off back to my craft room to finish cards for the next few weeks.  See you soon.



Julie B said...

Think it was the biggest crowd ever to watch a football match anywhere according to the BBC. I must admit my football match days are long gone but I don't miss standing on the kop, you did get squashed then at the big matches, they are all seater now. The scariest was climbing down the main stairs after a match at Ibrox in Glasgow with my U Harry!

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Wow! That looks amazing. What a great time you must have had. Shame it was Man U ha ha!! (I'm a Leeds supporter)
Caroline xxx

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