Monday, 23 April 2012

Unpacking ...

... I've a busy day ahead of me - lots of boxes to unpack!!  My first priority is to get my kitchen sorted out.  All the boxes have been opened here and I've lots of cupboard space; I simply have to work out where I'm going to put everything!!!

I did spend some time on Saturday working on my craft room.  It is so nice to rediscover all my stash :)  But I still have 17 boxes to unpack!!!  I have a lot of stash to sort out :))

Before I go, I've a quick query about scheduling.  Has anyone else experienced problems with scheduled posts?  My last two scheduled posts failed to publish!  I set this post to go live at 9.00am, but it has failed to publish too!  Any ideas would be appreciated.

Edited:  Thanks for the comments on scheduling issues.  I've had a hunt on the Internet and found that this seems to be something of a problem for Blogger - check posts here!  Hopefully, it will be sorted out soon.

I've had a really good morning - kitchen is well on the way to being finished.  This evening, I'm going to play in my craft room - so I should have a card to share with you tomorrow.

That's all for now, see you soon.


  1. I think blogger has changed something with scheduling on the new version as I know I've had issues too. maybe we need to log a query on the forum so someone elevates it for a fix?

    Hope the unpacking goes smoothly. I wish I had lots of cupboard space to unpack into - half my kitchen equipment lives in the spare bedroom!

  2. Hi Deborah....I had problems also posting with the new interface but there is a facility on the new interface to go back to the old format which I have done....on the right hand side on your new interface where you post there is a cog symbol if you click on that it gives the option to change back to the original interface....thank goodness!
    Hope this helps


  3. Hi Deborah, I don't think it's anything to do with the new interface because I've been on it for a while and have had no problems recently...... I know a few people have had problems....mainly in the states as well actually...not sure if it could be a US that possible???
    Hope the unpacking goes well...must be like Christmas again :0)
    Jenny x

  4. Hope you find space for all your things & get used to finding them quickly too.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. I bet it is like Christmas being reaquainted with your scrappy stuff! Gotta make your house a home right? I had one problem scheduling my Serendipity post lately. First time I ever missed my obligation I felt terrible. I don't know why mine didn't post either. Learned a valuable lesson - Don't trust the machine!!!

  6. All the best with the unpacking, Deborah! It's such a huge chore, but I'm happy for you that you have a designated craft room to sort everything out just as you like it! Good luck, too, with the blog scheduling ... that's way too advanced for me.

  7. That was fast!!! How is everything going? Do share pictures of your new home when you're all settled in! Big hugs!

  8. I'm having the same problem Deborah so obviously not a US problem. Hope you enjoy rediscovering your stash through the next 17 boxes! Vicky x


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