Tuesday 16 December 2014

Nice surprise ...

... You know when you're feeling under the weather or frankly, just plain ill, it's so nice when you come across a nice surprise.   So, I'm sitting here with a coffee, feeling a bit sorry for myself and browsing the net - checking challenges and the like and I find the latest post at Colour Q.  I'm thrilled to see that I made it to Colour Courtier for a birthday card that I made recently. 

Such a nice surprise and one that makes me feel much better.  Kathryn and I are recovering from a really bad cold.  Kathryn has been off school for several days and we've had to go in and collect homework and class notes as she's away for the rest of the week.  I really hope that we're fully recovered for next week - after all it's Christmas soon!!!!  Going to browse the net a bit more now :)


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