Wednesday 5 January 2011

Comments - thanks ...

... I'm going to say thanks here for all the lovely comments - there are so many that I can't keep up with the individual replies - sorry!!  But I really do appreciate them all.  Vicky - one Christmas card a week is a really good idea - think I might just do that!!  Jackie - I've lots of Cuttlebug folders - and I've hardly used them last year - will try to use them more this year.

Now, I really must go away and do some housework.  During the holidays I keep it to the bear minimum, so as a result I now have shed loads of washing and ironing to do!!  And I think they must be my least favourite jobs - well the washing isn't too bad, it's just a case of load the machine and let it do the hard work.  But the ironing ;(  Please will someone invent a truly non-iron fabric - please!!!

See you all later - once I've done some ironing - I will go and play!

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