Friday, 28 January 2011

Our girl ...

... I didn't get back into my craft room yesterday evening, instead I had a nice coffee and watched a TV detective show - it was fun!!  But of course that means I still have lots of challenges to work on, and today is Scout preparation day.  I have to go shopping as the Scouts are cooking this evening - it's one of their favourite activities.  I'll tell you about it tonight when I get in.

In the meantime, I thought I show you a lovely picture of Kathryn.  In December the competition at Jonathan's camera club was to merge images.  One of his ideas was based on the three wise monkeys; see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  Kathryn was a willing model and this is the end result.

I think it's a fun picture - and may end up in a frame on Kathryn's wall! 

I'll be back later today, hopefully with a card to show you.


  1. I was a Scout leader when my son was in and it takes a lot of work, but soooo worth it!!!

    LOVE the photo of your daughter!! Definitely worth framing and hanging up!

    Can't wait to see more of your masterpieces!!!!

  2. Great photo and definitely worth framing as it's a great memory of the 2 of them.

  3. What a fab set of pics! Def worth getting them framed, it's nice to treasure our little monkeys lol! x

  4. Apologies for the deletions - my brain is not functioning & I'm not completing sentences - migraine meds!! What I've been attempting to say - Super concept of Jonathan's & really well enacted by Kathryn. Such a delightfully expressive a face with a real glint in her eyes.
    Hope the cooking went well.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. LOVE the photos! What a great idea and the model is Darling!


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